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Daily Archives: March 1, 2018

Why I’m Having Dinner with Tennessee Williams

I think part of the problem is that I have no idea if people want to read what I write. Are blogs even a thing any more? I mean, I still read them and follow recipes. That’s part of why I was so inspired to learn to cook and write my own recipes. But in a world of tweets and snaps and nonchalant shares… does anyone CARE?

Even if I’m my only reader (and occasionally mom, hi mom), I suppose it serves as an adequate chronicle of this snapshot of my life.

I feel like I’m in a serious funk. I don’t complain a lot, but I need to. Let’s see…

  1. Work. I became a teacher because I wanted to change the future. We have serious education deficits and achievement gaps in this country, and I wanted to do something about it. But, at the same time, I’m feeling the pressure of people expecting more. I was raised to be a doctor or a lawyer or…. I don’t know, not a teacher. And I’m tired of telling people I’m a teacher and either getting the reluctant “oh…. wow… (subtext: really, that’s kind of lame)” or the “wow that’s so noble, that must be so hard.” PSA: you sound so fake when you say shit like that. Please stop. And yes, this is what I want, but…. we live in a society that pushes and pushes. Get better. Move up. Make money. Now more. Haven’t you built that picket fence yet? Well, no, I haven’t, and will I ever with a teacher salary that barely changes? Shouldn’t it be valued to be getting better and better at educating our future generations? Isn’t that enough? And who am I even asking.
  2. Health. I like to flippantly joke that I’m really 80 years old. Well. Sometimes I feel like I might as well be. And sometimes I wish I just gave up a little more because it would be easier to explain. “But you run marathons!” they always say. Yes, I do, and you should see the number of pills that makes that possible. You don’t see the other days of agony or how quickly my smile drops when I turn my face away from the kids or my colleagues. I was always a good actress. That has never changed.
  3. Personal Life. I moved. I did that to myself. I thought it would be worth it. Was it? I have friends here now. But I miss my best friends like crazy. Also, of course, everyone is falling in love and getting married and having babies. Sigh.

So I needed something to distract me. Then I read Julie & Julia on the bus to a field trip. So many similarities. The health, the work life, the funks. So I decided I would cook through a cookbook.

I considered many options. I have a TON of cookbooks. I though about doing a bunch of technical experiments. Of cooking sentimental heritage recipes. Of making so many cupcakes I would no longer like sugar.

But then my eyes landed on Dinner with Tennessee Williams. I first saw this cookbook at my favorite store ever, Roux Royale, in NOLA. I saw it again when I was there with my grandparents, and lo and behold, my grandma got it for me for Christmas that year! It was such a nice present! I adore the works of Tennessee Williams, New Orleans, and Southern food. Since I am finishing the final classes along my educational trajectory, I thought it would be very poetic to cook all of the recipes of this literary and culinary masterpiece while getting back into reading by enjoying all of the plays mentioned therein.

So, here we go.

72 recipes. 84 days.

You’re invited to dinner with Tennessee Williams.